O-1 Frequently Asked Questions

?What are the requirements for an O-1 visa?
The O-1 visa is for foreign nationals with extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, athletics, education, or business.
?What does “extraordinary ability” mean?
Extraordinary ability means a level of achievement indicating that the applicant is of a small percentage of those who have risen to the very top of their field.
?What fields can I work in with an O-1 visa?
The O-1 covers a vast array of industries, including all types of business/entrepreneurship, culinary arts, sciences, athletics, etc. Generally speaking, almost every field of endeavor is covered by the O-1 visa. That is why it is favored by many applicants who may not qualify for other more common visa categories.
?How long are O-1 visas granted for?
O-1 visas are initially granted for no longer than 3 years but can be extended.
?Who can file an O-1 petition on my behalf?
O-1 applications must be filed by either a US employer or US agent. If an O-1 holder is planning to work concurrently for multiple employers, an agent can file one petition on the applicant’s behalf. This often happens with individuals that work in the fashion and entertainment industry.
?Can my spouse work on as my O-1 dependent?
No, your spouse cannot work in the US as an O-1 dependent.