RBL provides a complete range of immigration solutions for our corporate clientele.

RBL We currently provide comprehensive legal representation to many large and mid-sized corporations. Our attorneys are experienced in advising foreign and domestic businesses on the full range of issues affecting international businesses. Our clients range from global multinational companies to small internet based start-ups. With vast experience in all facets of US immigration law, we provide tailored legal services to guide our clients through the US immigration process. Our dedicated team of bilingual attorneys and support staff provide strategic thinking and a proactive approach to meet all of our clients’ diverse immigration needs.

RBL focuses on counseling corporate clients on various immigration matters.

We focus on counseling corporate clients on various immigration matters, including bringing foreign visitors, expatriates and investors from abroad, and developing immigration strategies, policies and procedures for global mobility. Based on the individual needs of our clients, our attorneys help secure immigrant and non-immigrant visas for foreign investors and entrepreneurs, specialty occupation workers, intra-company transferees, international entertainers and artists, and exchange visitors, amongst others. In addition, the RBL team helps businesses of all sizes create customized compliance programs to meet heightened worksite enforcement regulations. We offer training to in-house personnel on various aspects of the immigration compliance process, including the Form I-9 employment authorization verification process and maintenance, E-Verify system registration, and the US Department of Labor’s record keeping requirements.

We specialize in the Following Corporate Immigration Visas:

RBL Nonimmigrant Visas:

  • B-1/ B-2 Temporary Visitors
  • H-1B Specialty Occupation Workers
  • L-1 Intra-company transfers
  • O-1 Extraordinary Ability Aliens
  • P Performing Artists & Athletes
  • E-1/ E-2 Treaty Traders & Investors
  • E-3 Australian Specialty Occupation Workers
  • F-1/ M-1 International Students
  • J-1 Exchange Visitors
  • H-3 Trainees
We also specialize in:
  • Employment-based Green Cards (EB1 / EB2 / EB3 / PERM)

RBL provides compassionate and customized assistance for your immigration to the U.S.

RBL Our attorneys are experienced in providing individuals with the optimal path to permanent residency. Each case is unique and presents its own challenges. Therefore, it is critical that your attorneys have a firm understanding of the government agencies, immigration process, timelines, and legal documentation that are required to guarantee the smoothest and most efficient experience.

Based on our extensive experience in this area, RBL understands the obstacles and challenges facing immigrants and we will carefully discern your legal objectives and priorities. Our unparalleled commitment to excellence and client satisfaction will assure that your experience is a pleasant one.

We specialize in the Following Family-based Immigration Services:
  • Fiance Visa
  • Permanent Residency
  • Re-Entry Permit
  • Naturalization