Self Petitioned, Employment Based Green Cards

– Can I file a green card application without a US employer/sponsor? How hard is it to get these applications approved? Generally speaking, there are two […]

Second Random Selection from Previously Submitted Registrations Complete for FY 2024 H-1B Cap Release Date

USCIS recently announced that it would need to select additional registrations to reach the FY 2024 H1B numerical allocations. USCIS has now randomly selected, from the […]

Can I extend my H-1B past 6 years?

A foreign national worker is limited to a maximum duration of six years in H1B status. The law, however, provides a few exemptions to this general […]

Follow-to-join Benefits

Immigration follow-to-join benefits are a valuable resource for immigrants seeking to reunite with their families. These benefits allow family members who were left behind in their […]

Immigration News Flash: Increase in L-1 Site Visits & Compliance Reviews

Recently, there has been an increase in site visits targeting companies that employ L-1 visa workers. While the USCIS has been routinely conducting similar site visits […]

Immigration News: 2016 H-1B Cap Season Overview

As expected, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reached the numerical cap for this year’s H-1B lottery. USCIS announced on April 7, 2016, that it has […]

Visa-Exempt Foreign Travelers visiting Canada: eTA Registration becomes mandatory on March 15th

Effective March 15, 2016, all visa-exempt foreign nationals traveling to Canada by air will be required to obtain Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) prior to entering Canada.

One Point Advice: H-1B Worker’s Termination

US companies employing workers in H-1B visa status must be careful when terminating these employees.

Significant Benefits to Green Card applicants:
Updates to the Visa Bulletin and how it could affect you!

Applicants applying for US permanent residency (“green card”) can potentially benefit from the new procedures implemented by the US Department of State on October 1, 2015.