Visa-Exempt Foreign Travelers visiting Canada: eTA Registration becomes mandatory on March 15th

Effective March 15, 2016, all visa-exempt foreign nationals traveling to Canada by air will be required to obtain Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) prior to entering Canada. This new policy will require foreign nationals entering Canada without a visa to apply online for an electronic travel authorization through the Canadian government’s website for pre-screening. Exceptions include US citizens and foreign nationals with a valid Canadian visa. Furthermore, the eTA is required only if traveling to Canada by air; entry requirements for other methods of travel (land, sea) have not changed.

RBL advises foreign travelers flying to Canada to apply for their eTA registration well in advance of their anticipated travel. This includes foreign nationals from visa-exempt countries including Japan, UK, Australia, etc. who will be traveling to Canada to apply for their US visas at the US consulates and embassies in Canada.

eTA can be completed online at

Below are frequently asked questions about the eTA process.

What is an eTA?

eTA is a new entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals travelling to Canada by air. The authorization is electronically linked to your passport and is valid for five years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first.

Who needs an eTA?

Citizens from countries other than the United States who do not need a visa to enter Canada will need to obtain an eTA before flying to Canada. Travelers do not need an eTA when entering Canada by land or sea.

How do I apply for an eTA for travel to Canada?

Applying for an eTA is a simple online process that takes just a few minutes. You will need your passport, a credit card, and email address. It costs $7 CAD to get an eTA. It will be valid for up to five years. 

For more information, please visit the Canadian government’s Citizenship and Immigration website:


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